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Tips and Tricks Using the Windows Hosts File

A new addition to Windows Explorer in Vista and Server 2008 is the details pane, which displays metadata and information relating to the currently selected file or folder. The details pane will also display a thumbnail of the file or an icon of the filetype if the file does not contain visual information. File Explorer, also called Windows Explorer, is a Windows built-in file manager application. It debuted with the release of Windows 95 by Microsoft. With a graphical user interface, it is very convenient for users to access and manage drives, folders and files. Is an app that lets you navigate your hard drive and manage files.

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  • Choose Run as administrator from the context menu.
  • Another example highlights that the hosts file can be beneficial to web developers.
  • The only valid iOS for updating is the current signed version (now 5.1).

When i have added this to my host file browser redirected me to inmotion servers and i am able to access the wesite. But when i is taking me back to old server. It is showing the dashboard located on previous hosting.

The Purpose of the Windows Hosts File

But some users also uses the hosts file to protect themselves from bad sites. Microsoft have tightened up the security of the hosts file on Windows Vista by making it only editable by the administrator by default. It’s still easy to edit the file, however, by simply running the notepad as administrator. The first part, by default, contains hostnames and IP addresses of your localhost and machine.

This is because the ISPs usually use the local ad networks to inject ads. The ad-blockers may not be aware of these companies yet. So, if you realize that your ISP is injecting ads into your Internet then you can block the main domain and all of the connected subdomains using the Hosts file. A better thing would be submitting these company names and their domain names to the ad-blocker extension/add-on developers.

How To Edit Local Host For Testing Web Sites

You should also know that the hosts file also exists on Mac and Linux systems with the same syntax, albeit in a different location. Hosts file modification is done to trick the server into resolving to specific IPs. The method is extremely useful when your website, though hosted on a server, is still in the developmental stage and name-servers are not pointed anywhere. It is also used to block particular websites. Add a site to the hosts file can increase the browsing speed. This is simply because the computer doesn’t need to query DNS server for IP and waste time waiting for a response.

An alternative way to restore hosts file on Windows

Input explorer.exe in the box and then press Enter. Navigate to the folder for which you want to create a shortcut. In the example above, “This PC” contains subfolders.